Friday, May 25, 2007

Green Days are coming

The world is going green- and I don't mean with Kermit the frog movies and videos. In today's media, it seems every article out there about consumer trends and buying patterns involves some element of saving the environment for the next generation and buying environmentally and eco-friendly products. The press continually talks about this "green" trend as being consumer driven and thus, a money making opportunity for all who are affiliated with servicing consumers in today's market. The question is, have you thought about it for your store?

Today's Retail Forward news (this is a wonderful free newsletter chock full of retail information- sign up for it now had a great article regarding manufacturers who are now creating products to meet this new consumer demand for green and environmentally friendly products- and who are making money because of it. (read more

All this talk begs the question for all of you retailers out there----Have you thought about this new trend and what it might mean as a business opportunity for your store?

If you are a women's apparel store, are you carrying (or at least testing) some new "eco-friendly" designers?
If not, spend some time researching the market and be sure to add them to your stop by list at the next market you attend.

Do you own or run a gift store? Have you thought about carrying some reusuable shopping bags-- perhaps even ones with your store logo on them? I could go on and on, but you get the point.

What is the Retailer Call to Action here? Consumers are driving many parts of the new "green retail machine" Don't get caught in the back of the pack- take the lead on this and watch your sales grow because of it.

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