Friday, November 30, 2007

9 really GREAT reasons to do Strategic Planning for your business

It's December and while most retailers are focused solely on the day to day operations of their business, there are some others who are already focused on planning for next year. These exceptional retailers aren't panicked this month because they have been planning for it all year long. They understand the value that comes from proactive planning instead of reactive decision making for their businesses. These retailers are executing a strategic plan that is playing out in their stores today and every day of the year. And you can too! It just takes a commitment to planning for your store. Why not make 2008 that year? Need more reasons?

Ok, here are my top 9 reasons to do Strategic Planning

1) Strategic planning allows you to sharply focus your efforts on what is most important to the success of your company
2) You can improve tomorrow’s results thru effective and efficient strategic management every day with every employee playing a role in the success of the plan.
3) Your store can achieve it's highest potential-- and you can actually plan what that is!
4) Strategic planning allows you to take control of your company’s destiny by establishing a lean, effective process that fits your business needs and goals
5) Thru the Strategic planning process, you can learn ways to stretch yourself and your company to achieve higher levels of success
6) Deal with rapidly changing developments that will confront your business for years to come
7) Walk away with a comprehensive plan for translating that new strategic direction into personal alignment and involvement for your employees
8) Generate motivation, enthusiasm and commitment for the plan
9) Accomplish all of this without interfering with the conduct of your business

  • If you plan for your success , some key results of a successful Strategic Plan will be
  • Creating a strategic team
  • Find your unique Strategic competencies
  • How to select and exploit the best opportunities
  • Dominate your market
  • Protect your company from potential threats
  • Allocate resources to meet objectives
  • Ability to measure key success factors
  • Learn how to make good assumptions
  • Get from where you are to where you want to be- road map to success and timeline

Start planning today for your businesses success next year -- and beyond!

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