Monday, October 12, 2009

YouTube & I Profit: Social Media for Retailers

Co-sponsored by retail marketing and social media experts Lynn Switanowski-Barrett & David Perry “YouTube & I Profit: Social Media for Retailers” is designed to help retailers of all size chart a profitable course through the seas of social networking.
This webinar is at teaching retailers how to use social media for their businesses to connect with customers more effectively than ever (and so much cheaper too!) It’s a MUST attend event for any retailer that wants to stay ahead of the competition and connect more effectively with their customers - starting TODAY.

At “YouTube & I Profit: Social Media for Retailers”you will hear real-world case studies with practical lessons on how you can use social media to grow your brand, business and bottom line. You’ll learn why social media is growing so quickly and how your retail business can and should start participating immediately.

You’ll walk away with the knowledge and the know how to set up a social media strategy for your business and you’ll get plenty of time saving tips to help you execute your strategy more effectively. You won’t want to miss this opportunity.

Takeaways from “YouTube & I Profit: Social Media for Retailers”

  1. Learn why your customers are continuing to move away from traditional media and why your retail business must embrace social media – or risk becoming obsolete!

  2. Learn the key components to a social media strategy that will increase your sales and save you time doing marketing for your business.

  3. Learn a 4 step strategy that will ease your fears- and improve your performance as you begin to engage in social media for your business.

  4. Learn how to approach new media to get you press coverage.Learn how to use Twitter for brand identify, growing your “fan” base and even make money or fund raise.
  5. Find out how to set-up, maintain and establish a blog and a strategy for driving traffic to it.

  6. Get lessons in basic Web 2.0 tactics such as instant messaging, blogs, wikis, and texting.

  7. Develop your own online polls and video page through YouTube, Vimeo and other online sites.

  8. Get a handle on “SPAM” and learn how to put together targeted and personalized email, Facebook, Flickr strategies.

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