Monday, June 14, 2010

Bargin ways to boost staff morale - and boost the bottom line

Your staff is the most important line of attack (and defense too) that you have in dealing with customers today. They are the key success factor bringing, or failing to bring, money into your store. As it gets harder to get customers to spend money, your sales staff may be feeling a bit down about their performance, especially since the register isn't ringing quite like it used to.
How about a bit of a morale booster from you to show your support for them.

Building morale is not always about putting more money in their pockets. It's about letting them know you appreciate them and building trust and long term value. You do not have to spend a lot - or even anything at all - to do something great for your staff. Try these ideas on for size.
  1. Send them all a personal thank you note

  2. Make your famous chocolate chip cookies

  3. Ask a supplier to donate a small gift for every employee

  4. Put their name and pictures in your monthly newsletter along with a thank you

  5. Create a photo bulletin board with fun pictures from the past year

  6. Organize an outdoor activity; Close the store on Sunday afternoon if you have to for a softball game, bike ride and picnic

  7. Invite them to dinner at your house

  8. Give one person each week an extra long lunch and pay for it

  9. Stick a post-it note on their paycheck noting one important contribution they made in the last pay period and how much it means to you

  10. Make a donation in their name to their favorite charitable organization

The more personal the gesture the better it will work. Your staff is your key to success. Thanking them with things that don't cost a lot of money but show that you care in a very personal way will go a long way toward ensuring that success for a long time to come!

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