Monday, February 28, 2011

Does Your Marketing Drive You Mad?

It's  time for the annual March madness basketball tournament to begin and it's got us thinking about the madness that is everyday retail. While many of us have come to appreciate the constant activity that comes from being a retailer, I can't help but think of a day when there are processes and programs in place in every store that will make it run more smoothly and effectively.

To help with that effort, CBCG is going to post a retail tip of the day every day this March. Our goal is to share retail tips that can help you and your business prosper and be more productive on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. During the month, follow CBCG on our blog or our social media sites as we offer ways -both little (as in less than 140 characters on Twitter or Facebook) or big (longer detailed blog posts) that can help you improve the inner workings of your retail business for a long time to come.

We're going to start with tips on marketing and inventory planning and how you can make them both more effective to gain profitability for your business. Let us know if there are other areas you want us to cover. With 25 years experience, we've seen a lot of things and have lots of tips to offer~

Our first tip comes on Tuesday March 1 so be ready for it. Join us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter to make sure you get your daily tips.

And please, don't forget to comment on our tips if you have suggestions on how to make them work even better. We'll all get better if we share amongst ourselves.


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