Tuesday, October 1, 2013

4 Fast Ways to Grow Your Brand via Social Media this Holiday Season

We are constantly getting asked about quick ways to grow your viewership on social media sites like Facebook. While there is no golden nugget for fan building (you must build a relationship and create trust among your fans) there are several ways we recommend boosting fan viewership in the short term to help gain more attention for your page.
1)  Make your website social. Be sure that you’ve included social connect buttons on your site (like us on Facebook, follow us on Pinterest and Twitter along with the Instagram link button)

Don’t forget to place the links on the top header bar so they are constantly visible when people are reviewing multiple pages of your website at the same time. (Or try the new “pop-out” feature from the sides of your website that follows your viewers down the page as they scroll.)
2)   Ask for the like. Ask your fans, friends and family to share your social media pages with their circles. Make it easy to do so by highlighting the link to join and telling newcomers what they can expect to see going on via your social media pages (and how much fun it is to engage with your brand via social media)
3)   Cross-promote other local businesses. Use the hyperlink and #hashtag to highlight other local businesses and share to share information with their fans as well.  Developing these connections can help you get the word (and your music) in front of the right people. Social media is a very reciprocal medium so when you promote someone else’s music they’ll promote yours, too.

4)  Use Facebook Advertising. It works!  Facebook ad campaigns are relatively inexpensive and can grow your band’s fan base in a very targeted way quickly and efficiently. You can use promoted posts which reach more of your fans and their friends or you can create targeted ads by specific audience type and set a daily budget for advertising. Both work effectively and should be part of your holiday marketing strategy

Keep in mind: Not even these quick solutions will work if you don’t create a social media strategy that is engaging and that showcases your brand personality on a consistent basis. Successfully engaging customers with your brand includes daily engagement to create a message that sells your brand to your fans and engages them to walk thru the front door to make a purchase.  Need help with your holiday social media or marketing strategy? Contact CBCG today.

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tim watson said...

These are the best possible ways to grow. Well written.