Monday, August 3, 2009

42 Social Media Tips For Retailers

Below are 41 tips to help grow your Social Media Presence. Knowing that all retailers need an extra push when it comes to marketing-- #42 is all mine! Good luck and have fun. Start growing your network today!
  1. Be remarkable - somebody worth making a remark about
  2. Become a resource to others- always
  3. Have your own unique personality
  4. Be vocal and opinionated – politely- within the community
  5. Don’t continuously push the envelope by flooding them with requests
  6. Invest time into social media – have a strategy and stick to it!
  7. Produce and share content that YOUR AUDIENCE will love
  8. Monitor what’s being shared about you
  9. Become a real member of the community
  10. Ask questions and then ask more questions
  11. Answer questions
  12. Provide value to the community
  13. Be controversial when appropriate- Get people thinking- and talking.
  14. Don’t be another “me-too” voice- create your own - and use it wisely
  15. Automate carefully - it’s about people not robots
  16. Don’t be negative—or a jerk. Neither one works in social media.
  17. Make it easy for people to share and bookmark your content
  18. Listen to the community
  19. Make at least one new connection every day
  20. Engage yourself in conversations
  21. Become the conversation
  22. You’re there to make relationships, not hard selling
  23. Take time to focus on building a loyal following
  24. Give, Give, GIVE!
  25. Treat social media like a cocktail party
  26. Be supportive
  27. Syndicate your content across all social media platforms
  28. Encourage others to syndicate your content onto their sites
  29. Fully research the community to understand your market
  30. Be fun
  31. Get to know the unwritten laws of the community
  32. Create an attractive, unique and professional profile
  33. Use a cool avatar/picture
  34. Use the same avatar for each social media service
  35. Don’t disparage others ( No trash talking allowed)
  36. Know what your followers/friends want and give it to them
  37. Form reciprocal arrangements with others
  38. Monitor your noise level
  39. Never cheat the system
  40. Help others unconditionally
  41. Be yourself

Good luck-- we look forward to watching you grow your Social Media exposure!!! Keep us posted!

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Anonymous said...

Useful information Lynn. Thanks! We missed u in Seattle but look forward to meeting you at the next one. Working on your tips for our Doormat Store : ...We are on Twitter: Now getting set up on other social media sites.

Retail Reporter said...

Sorry we missed you-- we had great sessions on Social Media- I'll follow your SM progress as it happens! Good luck.

Anonymous said...

I did not miss you and was lucky enough to hear you at the SF gift show. You gave me some new ideas and I have implemented one already. Thanks so much for providing quality information.

Anonymous said...

Your presentation at the Denver Mart was incredibly helpful. Every time I hear you speak, aspects of social media become a little clearer and seem a little more possible. Best tip was the Google Alerts.
Thank you very much!